Busy Busy Busy

This has been an unusual few days, writing-wise. I have three books nearing publication: a re-issuance of Thirst by a small but successful press. The same people will be putting out Dope, the second volume featuring Thirst’s heroes, Colin Marsh and Mamadou Dio. Thirst Cover smallAlso, last week I received the hardback version of Montparnasse, my novel set in Paris in 1919. Not to boast, but it’s a gorgeous book and I love the cover.Dope cover 7 cropped

There’s other stuff going on too. I signed on to do publicity for an organization that is truly close to my heart. Cancer Can Rock records singer/songwriters who have the disease. Several years ago, I was one of their featured artist, and it was a great experience. Now the organization wants to reach out to a greater public—more sponsors, venues, and artists—so I’ll be working with them on a media program, and I’m really excited.New Montparnasse Cover 5.2 JPEG

The only downside to life right now is that I’m detoxing from Prednisone and it is decidedly long and nasty. I’m constantly tired and fuzzy-headed, which some wags might argue is my general state of being, but this is not true. I am usually full of vim and vigor, most of the time.

It’s better to be busy than not. I’m fortunate.


About epiphanettes

Writer, songcrafter, possibly the best French pedal steel guitarist in Virginia.
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1 Response to Busy Busy Busy

  1. HAHAHA – I’m having a round of prednisone right now, too. This is probably why I’ve not the fortitude to show up tonight for writers’ group, on top of everything else. I’m just empty and need to recharge.

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