The Very Best e-Books Titles–Part 1

A challenge for online authors is to find eye-grabbing titles that scream, “Read me!”  And so writer friends and members of an informal group that meets every so often rose to the task. Here are some eBook titles guaranteed to hit the bestsellers list.

Holy Mary and the Mauser: An Illustrated Guide to Guns for Virgins

The Christian Gun Owners Guide: Using Scripture to Pick the Right Weapon

The Illustrated Guide to Guns that Jesus Would Have Owned0116ebooks

God Wants You to Be Fat: Biblically Sanctioned Obesity for Today’s Robust Believer

Saints and Swastikas: The Illustrated Guide to Faith and Nazism

Incest, All in the Family

Masters & Johnson, The Secret Files

This Pussy Has Teeth—The Truth About Vagina Dentata

Obama: The French Connection

Trump: The Viagra Connection

Lose 20 lbs in One Night While Watching TV

Eat Pork, Lose Weight

Companion volume: 30 Sausage Recipes that Shed Pounds

The Porn Murders—The Graphic Files

Brittney and Justin, A Love Story for Our Times

Revealed at Last: The Secret Sex Lives of Rotarians

Revealed at Last: The Secret Sex Lives of Rosicrucians

Jennifer Lawrence Wants to Talk Dirty With You and Other Secrets of Degenerate  Hollywood Stars Who Date Really Boring Ordinary Guys

Candy Kills Cancer! The Sweet Truth the Medical Industrial Complex Doesn’t Want You to Know

Aliens in My Soup:  How Tiny Extraterrestrials Have Infiltrated Our Food Supply

All Sex, All Violence, All the Time

Loose Women, Tight Prose

The Velcrovian Revolution—An Alternative to the Fly

15 Ways to Painless Enhancement for Men and Women

How to Make a Six-Figure Income Helping Kindle Writers


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Writer, songcrafter, possibly the best French pedal steel guitarist in Virginia.
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