Runaway Trump

Imagine this: You’re finally headed to the beach on vacation with your family. It’s been a hard year and you’ve been looking forward to this for months. The weather is sunny, mild, cloudless; you’re happily driving along secure in the knowledge that for once, you haven’t forgotten anything.

The day is right out of America the Beautiful. The kids aren’t fighting and the report for the coming week calls for clear skies and warm oceans. You got an incredibly deal on a house right on the beach. Life is good.

Far down the road you see a growing speck approaching fast. The speck grows and grows and you can see it is in the very middle of the road, straddling the twin yellow lines. It’s a huge Trump & Co. trash truck! It’s heading right at you! You honk your horn but the driver of the truck takes no notice! The Trump truck is going 90 miles per hour, and now the driver is blowing his air horn, a deafening noise! At the last possible instant, you swerve onto the shoulder. Your car begins to spin and you steer into it like you’re supposed to. You feel the nifty Thule Roof Box that makes your SUV look so sporty detach and fly off, and all the other stuff on the roof-rack—the kayaks and the bicycles and the box full of groceries—are flung off. You struggle to control your vehicle and only your above-average driving skills save your life and those of your loved ones. Your dog, a moment ago sleeping on the passenger side floor, is now wide awake and howling.

“Oh my God,” says your shaking spouse. “What was that?”

“I think it was a Trump truck,” you reply, knowing it was a Trump truck. The weird orange paint is a dead giveaway, and you’ve heard of situations like this, where Trump vehicles have disregarded all the traffic laws and rules that keep us alive. Hundreds have died, thousands have been dispossessed.

“I think he was texting, or tweeting.”

“Isn’t that illegal?”

Your spouse is sweet but on occasion not that bright.

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“L’Amérique is an utterly compelling, enjoyable read. The story of a French family’s transition from the deprivations of post war Paris to the squeaky clean world of suburban Washington DC is seen through the sharp if occasionally bemused eyes of a growing boy.” Jane Feather, New York Times Bestzselling Author of The Blackwater Brides series.


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Writer, songcrafter, possibly the best French pedal steel guitarist in Virginia.
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