A writer friend asked me why I was blogging less lately. I couldn’t tell her the truth, as that might be a violation of the nondisclosure and nondisparagement agreement (NDA)  I am considering signing with the Trump people. At least, I think it’s with the Trump people. I perhaps did not read the document as carefully as I should have, but it did look all legal and above-board and it was signed by what I think was an Italian lawyer.

Like the NDA proffered to and rejected by Omarosa Manigault, the former Trump reality star and White House aide, the document offered me stated that I could not “make disparaging comments about the campaign, Mr. Trump, [Vice President] Mr. Pense, any Trump or Pence Company, any Trump or Pence family member, or any Trump or Pence Family Member Company or any asset of any of the forgoing own.”

Ms. Manigault turned down a non-job offer of $15,000 a month as incentive to sign the NDA. I was offered weekly discount coupons to McDonalds but have been holding out for more. I wondered why I had been singled out since I have not really broken any important Trump- or Pense-related news, with the notable exception that, according to a former purveyor of White House news, Mr. Trump is also known as a highly flatulent individual whose emissions can clear any room, including the Oval Office. To be absolutely honest, I do not know if this purported flatulency is a fact. I have not been invited to the Oval Office recently, but apparently everyone is talking about it, in hushed tones, of course. Some are said to be holding their breath awaiting further developments.

I was honored to be recognized by POTUS, and I am not going to disclose anything of importance, so you can probably stop reading right now. I suspect you already know that Donald is the worst president ever elected. I can say this without violating the offered NDA since it is neither news nor new.


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Writer, songcrafter, possibly the best French pedal steel guitarist in Virginia.
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  1. Do you think they will go as high as offering you certificates to Chipotle?

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