Moviepass’ Bait & Switch

If, like hundreds of thousands, you bought a Moviepass a few months ago, right now you are probably as pissed off as I am. I not only purchased a monthly plan for myself, but I also bought an annual membership as a gift for a friend.

For a while it was neat. I live near a movie complex and saw a bunch of films no spectator in his or her right mind should have paid $12 for. Thoroughbreds was a good example, as was Annihilation. I’d add to that the blockbuster from Marvel, Avengers Infinity War, a true scrambled egg of a film where (spoiler alert) everyone turns to ash at the end.

Yesterday, I wanted mind-numbing entertainment. I walked to the theater complex debating between the latest Mission Impossible and Mama Mia. Both got good reviews on the meaningless and inconsequential film index (about an eight), but the problem was, neither film was available to Moviepass holders, unless an additional fee of six dollars was paid for MI and eight bucks for Mamma Mia. Ok, so six or eight bucks isn’t a big deal, but the bait-and-switch made me angry enough to go home, where I tried to make sense of the gobbledygook that MP’s pr people were putting out. I discovered that Moviepass had deliberately blacked out Mission Impossible so its members could not use their pass to see it. They also removed the better movies from the roster in popular cinemas, and essentially gave members the finger, telling us it was for our own good. Then, in spite of reassurances that everything was just peachy, the company went broke. As of yesterday morning, MP reportedly had to borrow a few millions from a venture company simply to keep the business afloat.

I understand that businesses occasionally get overzealous and have to take a step back, but when that is the case they should have the decency to own up to their mistakes. Moviepass does not. It obfuscates. I hate that.

I have a friend whose concept of social justice dates largely from the 60s. His bible is Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book

This is what my friend suggests.  Go to your local movie house, the one that features good and bad films.  Use Moviepass to get a ticket to the bad film. Use the ticket to get into the good film. Bait and switch, just like Moviepass did.

Now, you understand that I do not in any manner, shape or form, condone such an action. It is wrong, wrong, wrong. And that is all I have to say on the subject. Enjoy the movie.

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