America the Hateful

For the past few months, the United States has been forcibly separating immigrant children from their immigrant parents and placing the kids—some 10,000 so far—in vacant Walmarts, church basements, and detention centers in fourteen states. There is one word and one word only for these actions. They are obscene.
The fact that lawmakers have endorsed such a policy is obscene as well. That Americans who love their own children have not risen up en masse is, yes, obscene and beyond comprehension.
Laws permitting such foul and despicable behavior are generally extent in nations we call totalitarian—North Korea, for example. What would happen here were we to hear of other countries allowing such a practice? Would we protest as we did a generation ago? Would we flood the staggering cowards whom we call our elected representatives with mail? Would we rescue the children?
Daily we add our names to endless petitions to save grizzlies and wolves, block pipelines and deforestation, end fraking and mountain-topping, and make elected officials responsible for their actions. There have been a few online pleas for a return to humanity and moral behavior when it comes to immigrant kids, but these are lost among the rising tide of online outrage over the latest Trump horror.
We are losing America. Our moral compass—the values we held onto to help us decide wrong from right—is spinning out of control. Our leaders are thieves and unscrupulous morons desperate to hold on to their jobs. They care only for re-election and personal enrichment. They follow the Trumpian example of lying repeatedly until a lie appears to become a truth. They—both Democrats and Republicans—wage wars of attrition within their own ranks while the lives of millions—and not just those of legal and undocumented immigrants—unravel. They watch this happen and pat each other on the back for a job well done. Then they go on recess. Attorney General Sessions, meanwhile, believe he’s doing God’s work and that immigrants should not come here if they don’t want to lose their children. This is such a repugnant concept that it’s not worth contesting. In fact, it makes me believe that God (right here, right now) is indeed an abstraction while the devil (right here, right now) is real and wearing an expensive three-piece suit.
I do wonder how the good people patrolling the border and doing the hands-on job of tearing children from parents feel. I’d resign, wouldn’t you?
We have no one but ourselves to blame for the rapid changes hurtling the nation backwards. We were too lazy to vote, we’re too lazy to act, and too lazy to take to the streets.
But make no mistake: We are losing America. The nation that was once the envy of the rest of the world, America the Beautiful, is becoming America the Hateful.
Happy Father’s Day.

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Writer, songcrafter, possibly the best French pedal steel guitarist in Virginia.
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1 Response to America the Hateful

  1. Catherine Carver says:

    Eloquent piece. I couldn’t agree more. Thank (god?) they have quit separating families – I was somewhat stunned that the political pressure became too much for Trump and his thugs. But they have still made a mess of families and have a long way to go to rectify that. I am perplexed about why it is legal to come into this country at some places and not others.

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