Sex and Stupidity

The problem with being famous is that it’s a small step to becoming infamous.
Had Moore been a postal worker, Weinstein a gofer on a movie set, and Frankel a bit actor in bad HBO productions, no one would have paid attention to their crimes except their victims, of course. Since these are well-known, public figures, the three have become fair game.

I think what bothers me more than it should, at least right now, is how stupid these men were.

Moore trolling the small-town malls for teen-aged girls when he was already a recognized public official is criminally idiotic. The lack of foresight, the dearth of imagination, is frightening. Moore, after all, is a judge, a man responsible for maintaining the law and punishing miscreants when they break it. His very title, judge, implies a level of community trust. Did he really not consider that groping young girls might be detrimental to his political ambitions? Guess not.stupidity

Frankel’s moronic behavior is also hard to believe. Part of the reason he did the tours to war zones, he once said, was to improve his political résumé. He had planned to run for office long before he announced his candidacy. Having a photo taken grabbing a sleeping woman’s breast is beyond comprehension. We’ve elected stupid criminals to national office before, but never ones quite as… Oh. Wait. “Grab ‘em by the pussy.” Never mind.
Weinstein’s abuse of power was recognized throughout his company and the community at large. I think his people are guilty of abetting his inexcusable actions; they should have blown the whistle a long time ago. That they didn’t shows a high degree of cowardliness and is a little too reminiscent of, “I was only following orders.” This being said, Weinstein was no genius either. It’s difficult to believe that throughout his long history of abuse and harassment, he never once thought of the repercussions if he was caught. He must have known that there had been earlier media attempts to expose him, so I suppose he thought himself smarter than New Yorker and the New York Times. Big mistake, that. Call it artificial stupidity.
The upside, of course, is that if these men had not been social cretins, they probably wouldn’t have been caught. I suppose this is concomitant to thinking with the wrong head?

Let’s hear it for stupidity.

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