Once More, with Feelings

The scavenging for boxes, the selecting, packing and stacking of my belongings,  are almost done. My bedroom’s five bookshelves are empty. I haven’t gone through the chest of drawers, but I figure that should be easy. Clothing will go into two deep boxes, and shoes will all be dumped into a large garbage bag. I’ve already transported a few dozen boxes and a lot of the more fragile items to the new place.

I can say unequivocally that the last two weeks have been among the loneliest I can remember. I’m not certain why, though I keep recalling the packing of my parents’ apartment in Paris after my mother’s death. As now, I did it largely by myself. My father was incapable of helping, too stunned by the demise of his spouse of forty-five years. One sister had fled Paris, the other was unavailable. I bought a hundred and fifty boxes, tissue paper, tape and a large marker. I paid the woman at the corner news kiosk a small fortune for all her unsold day-old newspapers. I spent six days wrapping and boxing. There were a lot of tears and a lot of croque-monsieurs sandwiches, which was all my father wanted to eat. I cooked them on the tiny Parisian gas stove and he ate them with relish, asking every ten minutes or so why my mother wasn’t there. He had set a plate for her in the dining room and complained that she was always late for a meal.

A lot of the stuff I have disposed of for this move was related to my parents, and I have come to the conclusion that one should not do this sort of stuff alone.

It’s not good for the soul.

About epiphanettes

Writer, songcrafter, possibly the best French pedal steel guitarist in Virginia.
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One Response to Once More, with Feelings

  1. In Sept. I moved back to Phoenix after 16 years in my Vienna house. I learned that the best moving boxes are free from Dunkin Donuts. It was very weird emptying the house I had lived in longer than any other house. We would’ve left it less empty if the sellers & their realtor hadn’t harassed us every day after they made the offer – even after the contract was signed. Dehumidifier, porch swing, LED light bulbs, cleaning products, snow shovel, even toilet paper went to friends instead. I ended up moving bar stools I was going to leave behind. I wish I would’ve kept the window valances too.

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