The New Place

The new place is indeed very posh and as secure as a fortress. It is in a very hip neighborhood. Do people still say ‘hip’? I signed the 50-page electronic lease promising I would never break it. If I do, even by dying, I will owe the building management the equivalent of two fairly new Toyotas.

I moved in a few things today (thank you Marilyn) and spent a half-hour trying to program the thermostat, without success. I’ll have to solve this problem since the thing is set to lower the temperature to 63º in the middle of the night.

I learned I can only have one key, an electromagnetic thingy I will undoubtedly lose within a week. The key controls the building’s front door, my door, the elevator, my entire life as a renter.

I may decide to sleep in the walk-in closet and make the bedroom my working space.

The kitchen has a sink and faucet worthy of a four-star restaurant, and a lot of storage space. I discovered that the Energy Lounge is actually a very well-ahalstead-square-vienna-va-primary-photoppointed gym, and that there is a virtual driving range, so I may have to take up golf, just to get my money’s worth. Also, bowling, since there’s a bowling alley, and shuffleboard. I am told there is a movie room but I have not found it, and somewhere on the roof is a bunch of grills should I ever decide to cook out. There is also a small swimming pool, and a bocce court.

Arielle suggested the building because she knew I’d like the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the foyer, and she was right. I checked; the books are real, and not the fake leather-bound volumes favored by rich people who don’t read. I plan to sneak in the books I wrote, even though the concierge said that, in her two-year employment there, she had yet to see anyone pull a book out.

The real movers come Monday and will handle the big stuff: The Napoleon III couch, the bed, the cases of books, the computers and bookshelves and the antique chest of drawers and desk. In the morning I’ll drive the musical instruments and amps over, and a few more boxes of fragile stuff.

Today I made my first apartment-related purchases, a shower curtain and liner, and four rolls of toilet paper.

Moving is a bittersweet experience. There’s a sense of failure at letting go of my home, and a fear that I may have made the wrong decision, moving into a place where the renters are all attractive, and generally under 30.

I am told by people whose wisdom I respect that this will be an adventure,

I hope I don’t lose the key.


About epiphanettes

Writer, songcrafter, possibly the best French pedal steel guitarist in Virginia.
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