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Some days the accomplishments are small. Laundry, the dishwasher, vacuuming and ineffectually wiping pollen and dust from the furniture, writing a few pages that might or might not survive second and third readings. There is always something to do—that’s the … Continue reading

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Saturdays are normally editing days. Arielle comes over, unleashes her laptop and makes many hmm sounds as she deletes sentence fragments, realigns fractious paragraphs and clears up confusing points-of-view. She makes my work better, often over my objections, and this … Continue reading

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Twenty-six Years

A lot can happen in 26 years, and a lot has. On March 10, 1991, I gave up alcohol and the other drugs I used daily to quiet my ever-present unease. I quit because the small benefits of altering my … Continue reading

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Marie Thérèse Henriette Hughette Février

My mother died twenty-five years ago tomorrow in the city she loved. By one of those strange but commonplace coincidences, she died at the American Hospital in Paris where, 46 years earlier, she had given birth to me. In her … Continue reading

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Something Wrong

There is, once again, Something Wrong. What had been wrong for several months, an anomaly in the blood cells, seems to have cleared up, and for this I am grateful. This Something is relatively new and I am not pleased … Continue reading

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