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Is there anything more demeaning than a paper hospital gown? Every time I have to wear one–which has been far too often–I feel as if Cristo has attempted and failed wrap me. There was a middle-aged man at the hospital … Continue reading

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The Drill

So operation number six is this Friday, yippee, which will be followed by decatheterization (neat word of extremely limited use), six weeks of sheep-tuberculosis chemo (I’m serious), a fair amount of bellyaching on my part, and a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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The Avanti, the Jeep and the Porsche

I own three cars. None is younger than a quarter century and their cumulative value is probably less than that of a three-year-old Toyota. There’s a 1989 Avanti convertible, a gorgeous piece of wire-wheeled engineering designed by Raymond Loewe, the … Continue reading

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Books, Words, Authors, and all that Jazz

There have always been poorly-written books. The penny dreadfuls, the sappy romances, the Westerns of a century ago, were the staple of the average readers. They sold in the thousands and rarely made their authors rich. Most have vanished without … Continue reading

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